Delegation from Umbria visits the Green Energy Center Europe and the Demo4Grid Project Site

A delegation from Umbria/Italy visited the Green Energy Center Europe in Innsbruck and learned about the activities and projects of the privately organized Codex Partnership in a workshop and excursions.
The program initiated by the Green Energy Center Codex Partner Wolftank included a visit to the hydrogen plant of MPREIS in Völs, which was developed and implemented within the Hydrogen Research Center HyWest and with the EU project Demo4Grid.

Afterwards the delegation traveled back to Bolzano to see the Hydrogen Center “IIT Bozen” and the Bolzano public transport company “SASA”. At the latter stop the delegation viewed SASA’S hydrogen buses and new hydrogen refueling station (HRS), which was recently constructed by the two Green Energy Center Europe Codex Partners EDC and Wolftank.

Supervision of the delegation:
Peter Patrick Baumgartner, Agethe Fleischhacker.
FEN Sustain Systems GmbH, Technikerstraße 1-3 Innsbruck, Austria
Photos: FEN Systems